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Wondering How
The Big Three

*Your Sun, Moon, & Rising

Influences How You
Show Up In Your
Content & Biz?

Maybe your sitting there thinking, well I know my main sign (sun sign)... But to be honest, I've never been able to navigate moon and rising?

First, your not alone... But that's where I come in!

You see where our behaviour on social media and in business is reflective of who we are in the public eye. But these traits are also relative to our zodiac 
Girlfriend, the stars are aligning for you.


So How Does This Help Our Content?

You see your zodiac signs go far beyond the horoscope readings you read in teen vogue... Hoping and praying it would tell you'd meet a tall, dark, and handsome stranger... Or that you would become famous and filthy rich.

it’s the study of the self and when done correctly it can reveal information about your personality you may have never considered before. I.E. It can bring more clarity, and insight into... how you make decisionsrespond in crisis, work under pressure, how others perceive you... and how you look at yourself.

All important things to know as you're:
*Showing up online
*Growing and scaling your business

Your Sun Sign Explained:

Think of your sun sign to the role you've been give in your grand drama... You are the leading actor in this Netflix Blockbuster and the role you are playing is your sun sign.

Your Moon Sign Explained:

This is the part of you that you see, think of it as the personality you keep hidden to the outside. Think of it as your dark side... Like Clark Kent hides that he's superman to the outside world. In business, this is your intuition and how you can easily make decisions.

Your Rising Sign Explained:

This is the part that reflects how other people see and perceive you. Think of this as the first impression when you walk into a party... Are you warm and welcoming, or reserved and a little awkward?

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