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Hey there, I'm Morgann

Chief Content Officer
Not Just Your Average Mom
Astrology Junkie
Pop Culture Fanatic
Secretly Famous...

I'm the gal hitting up a boujee patio on a Monday afternoon, pouring a nice glass of wine on Friday afternoon, and celebrating all the abundance throughout the week. I've got my Air Force One's on with a Louis Vuitton bag to drop my kids off for Hockey, and planning pool parties on a sunny Sunday. All while making sure you are opening up your magnetism and receiving those downloads.

My power in business is to help remove the blocks that are holding us back from showing up online... Authentically have our brand message heard across the board. And bring in an energetic element that's going to give you clarity in all areas of your life! 

Working alongside me is like working with your best friend from college. 
We pick up right where we left off like no time has passed. 

I am able to use my unique gifts to tap into your...
*And Future Self

Our sessions are going to leave you feeling elevated, inspired, and magnetized.


My Big Three Are:

SUN: Cancer

I am like your sorority big sister, always trying to help fix whatever problems you have. I will cheer you one and hold your hand after Warner told you that you'd never get into law school (movie references all the time). I can sense new trends in the making keeping you ahead of the curve, I also have an on-the-mark judge of people. I.E. I know your going to big places babe, I always want the best for my squad!

MOON: Pisces

Having Cancer Sun and Pieces Moon, accentuates my intuitive nature and spirituality. AKA we are going to tap into your guides to help develop content that feels good. I  also have a great capacity for doing work that will long make a lasting impression. Equalling content that is going to wow you!

RISING: Capricorn

 I strive for greatness in everything I do. I know how to get things done and scale any mountain because I am steadfast and sure-footed. I'm like the celestial CEO. Always prepared and probably working on the next business plan!


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