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Hey there, I'm Morgann

Chief Content Officer
Not Just Your Average Mom
Astrology Junkie
Pop Culture Fanatic
Secretly Famous...

Welcome to my corner of the internet!

I'm Morgann Jones, a 31-year-old mother of two who's on a mission to bring balance to the chaotic world of busy entrepreneurs.

When I'm not immersed in the cosmic wonders of astrology or diving into the realms of non-fiction literature, you'll likely find me curled up with an iced coffee, exploring the endless possibilities on Netflix, or catching up on the latest celebrity buzz.

Sports enthusiast by day, I have a soft spot for the crack of a hockey puck and the swing of a baseball bat. Off the bleachers, I'm a hands-on mom, coaching my two little champions as they navigate the world of sports and life.

In the fast-paced landscape of business, I've discovered my calling—being the life-force that empowers entrepreneurs to reclaim their time. As a spiritual Virtual Assistant, I specialize in lifting the burdens of tech, content creation, and day-to-day operations off your shoulders. Consider me your secret weapon in the pursuit of balance and success.

Join me on this journey of harmonizing the cosmic and the practical, as we navigate the intricate dance of entrepreneurship together. Let's turn your dreams into reality while embracing the magic that each day brings. Here's to reclaiming time, chasing passions, and finding joy in every endeavor!


My Big Three Are:

SUN: Cancer

I am like your sorority big sister, always trying to help fix whatever problems you have. I will cheer you one and hold your hand after Warner told you that you'd never get into law school (movie references all the time). I can sense new trends in the making keeping you ahead of the curve, I also have an on-the-mark judge of people. I.E. I know your going to big places babe, I always want the best for my squad!

MOON: Pisces

Having Cancer Sun and Pieces Moon, accentuates my intuitive nature and spirituality. AKA we are going to tap into your guides to help develop content that feels good. I  also have a great capacity for doing work that will long make a lasting impression. Equalling content that is going to wow you!

RISING: Capricorn

 I strive for greatness in everything I do. I know how to get things done and scale any mountain because I am steadfast and sure-footed. I'm like the celestial CEO. Always prepared and probably working on the next business plan!

Human Design


As a Generator, you have a lot of power and energy. You are the type of person who can keep going and going. You have great stamina and you are always ready for action. You are also a very creative person. You have a lot of ideas and you like to be constantly doing something new. You are also a very passionate person. You feel things deeply and you are always striving for more.


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