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Helping Women Become
The Influencers They Were
Meant To Be Online


Hey... what's the 411?

My name's Morgann...
Love of pop culture, and astrology.

I've built a life of freedom for my family, that I am in love with. 

I traded living pay cheque to pay cheque, and feeling unfulfilled... To living my passions every day and supporting my clients to do the same!

Let's Work Together

Start With My Signature Breakthrough Sessions...
Or Elevation!

The 14 Best NYC Rooftop Bars with a Skyl

Content Breakthrough Sessions
are designed for 
the woman ready to breakthrough the blocks holding them back from showing up online.


Ready To Shake Up Your Podcast?
Send me an email, and we can look at: what you want to change, if you want to start a podcast, or you're ready to elevate!

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