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January Social Media Planner

Ready to take your
new years
 resolutions and
actually achieve them?

You set the intention each week, that this is going to be the week!

Your going to:

*Create content that converts

*Sellout your latest offer

*Have dream clients land in your DMs

*Have someone buy from your podcast

*Close without having to jump on free call after free call

This list goes on and on... 

Then Wednesday rolls around and you've hit that burnout feeling... 

You're to-do list is growing by the minute, you're not sure if your followers are even engaging with your reels, stories, and posts (that you posted a while ago)... And that dream client... She feels so far out of reach. 

You've ghosted your stories, and just not sure what to do next.


The burnout never feels good...
Not connecting with our ideal clients never feels good...

So what if there was a solution?

The January Social Media Planner.

A workbook that will take you through: 

*The objectives to selling out online

*Goal setting for the month

*Aligning your messaging each day cohesively

*And a month end wrap-up to help you build and scale sustainabily

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Go To The Shop And... 

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The Power Of Tapping Into
Your Messaging...

It's going to bring you clarity.

*You're going to not be throwing things at the wall hoping they stick. 

*Ideal clients are going to resonate with your content and flow more naturally to you.

*It's going to be come easier to create content and offers.

*You're going to actually follow through with your online plans, because you're no longer swirling the drain with negative thinking.

And aligning it to your dream day and goals is just icing on the cake!

Go To The Shop And... 

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What It's Like To Work With Me:


We don't have to feel: 
*Like our ideal client is never coming
*That no one is resonating with our content
*That maybe we are missing the it factor
*Or we weren't cut out for our business

Who Is  Morgann Jones

Your chief content officer, ready to help you reignite the flame in your content and have the breakthrough you've been craving. Morgann helps entrepreneurs ditch the blocks and burnout that come with creating your content, and helps you move forward with aligned content! It's time to feel good about our businesses, and our content! Morgann has helped countless female boss babe's curate their content, have their voice heard, and bring in their dream results online! Connect with her over on Instagram @morgannjonesinc.

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