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5-Star Podcast Audits

Loving the thoughts of your
podcast but feeling like something
is missing?

You set the intention each week, that this is going to be the week!

Your going to:

*Record your episode (not at the last minute)

*Have the best title and description (not just thrown together)

*Actually share it on your social media (more then once)

*Have your dream client buy from your podcast

Maybe you're doing all the things with your podcast, but it feels like something is missing... or just not landing with your ideal client? 

It's like the algorithm gods hate your on all platforms and you just want your podcast to succeed!

You also want all the vibey guests, and sponsors... but you can't even think of that right now.


The burnout never feels good...
Not totally loving our podcast never feels good...

So what if there was a solution?

5-Star Podcast Audits

An audit that's going to:

*Have you connecting with your ideal audience

*Take you from feeling like something is missing, to acting like you have the top-rated podcast

*Streamlining things that don't feel good organizationally

*A recording of the audit that you can come back to again and again

*Infusing energy behind your podcast that's going to give back to you

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VALUED AT OVER $2997.000
*SPECIAL PRICE: $147.00 

What's Included:

After You Purchase.

*24-48 business hours after purchase you will receive an email with a questionnaire where you can detail what you would like me to review about your podcast

*A loom video recording will be provided 2-3 business days after the form is received.

*The recording will be filled with tips, ideas, examples and more to have you feeling good and empowered to infuse more good energy behind your podcast

And of course tips that will have your ideal client connecting to your podcast!

VALUED AT OVER $2997.000
*SPECIAL PRICE: $147.00 

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What It's Like To Work With Me:


We don't have to feel: 
*Like our ideal client is never coming
*That no one is resonating with our content
*That maybe we are missing the it factor
*Or we weren't cut out for podcasting

Go To The Shop And... 

VALUED AT OVER $2997.000

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Who Is  Morgann Jones

Your chief content officer, ready to help you reignite the flame in your content and have the breakthrough you've been craving. Morgann helps entrepreneurs ditch the blocks and burnout that come with creating your content, and helps you move forward with aligned content! It's time to feel good about our businesses, and our content! Morgann has helped countless female boss babe's curate their content, have their voice heard, and bring in their dream results online! Connect with her over on Instagram @morgannjonesinc.

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